Our Children -- The Treasure Of Mexico

About Penny Page
On January 29, 2006 Mexican students and teachers lost a dear friend, an accomplished teacher, and a strong advocate of teaching methods that help students become excited about learning. Even during the few days before her death from cancer at age 61, Penny Graham was busy visiting with fellow teachers and students, and organizing her teaching materials so others could use these resources after she was gone.

This web site is both a memorial to an unusual and innovative human being and an honor to her students by providing a repository for teaching materials that promote innovative and effective learning.

The Only For Teachers section provides:
  • Penny's notes on the application of learning styles (Gardner's multiple intelligences) to both the school environment and the business environment. This section includes on-line self grading profile questionnaires in both English and Spanish for three age groups (adults, youth, and children).
  • Material on classroom discipline methods that have proven to both excite students about learning and elevate the morale of the faculty.
  • Concepts, developed by both Penny and her husband, Bill, that view the teacher as a talent scout and the student as a treasured guest who is more than a person receiving programmed information.

The About Penny section provides both the story of Penny's life and pictures that will help inspire us and remember her.

This site is lovingly maintained by Penny's husband, Bill Graham. Penny's notes and documents have been collected from her effects and from her fellow teachers; and organized by him and placed onto Web pages. In those cases where ideas were jointly gathered and/or developed, the material may be written partially by Bill. New material, ideas, and comments are strongly encouraged via email at ballenagris[at]mexicomail.com.

Much of the use and support of this site is from educators who teach in various schools in Guaymas, Sonora,Mexico. Penny spent a lot of her time teaching other teachers who now are teaching in four different schools. She regarded four of these wonderful women as her heritage. While this site is dedicated to Penny's memory, it is also dedicated to Penny's heritage -- these four teachers from four different schools who will now multiply Penny's energy and ideas into growth and new knowledge for multitudes of students.