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About Penny

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Penny was born in Conyers, Georgia on August 3rd, 1944. Her family had a noteable presence in the silent movies. Both her aunt (Colleen Moore) and her father (Cleeve Morrison) were actors in silent movies and in early sound moves. Consequently, she lived a comfortable life and was educated in the boarding school tradition. As a young adult, she married and gave birth to four daughters.

With a divorce, Penny faced the hardships of her past while in her late 20s. Some ten years later she had grown into a committed adult with a desire to serve. In her forties, she finished an undergraduate degree in education and a Masters degree in Linguistics and Multicultural Studies. Her Masters degree thesis described her studies and experiences in teaching a class of second grade students, totally in English, in a Mexican school where few students knew any English. The results of her "experiment" were that 80% of her students had become fluent in English with high subject comprehension.

While carrying out a full teaching load, Penny developed as a commercially successful artist and crafter in Mexico and the UNited States. Her creative abilities multiplied into the development of "in-service" curricula to help other teachers develop better teaching skills, children's programs at a local church, and an influence in other service programs throughout the Guaymas, Sonora community. In addition, Penny helped a number of disadvantaged American and Mexican students by providing special programs at her home.

Penny was well known for her giving spirit -- always offering a little hand-made gift to anyone who dropped by for a visit. Shortly before her death, a number of friends gathered to honor Penny. As each person took a turn to speak, it became apparent that the consistent message was that Penny didn't just follow her faith as a set of rules. Instead, she lived her faith. In fact, the only upbeat person during the six months of her final illness was Penny. Numerous people commented on how Penny had shown them how to face death.

Penny regularly commented that her one final wish was that her maker would tell her "well done good and faithful servant". Because of the life she lived and the example she set, those of us who survive her have no doubt that God has thusly spoken to Penny. To honor her, the words "well done good and faithful servant" were painted on a wall in her studio as she watched.

Penny, may God bless you as you enter eternity and may God bless the heritage you have left for those of us on earth.