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Quickly read the following statements and check each statement that applies to you.

1. I am good at copying what people say.

2. I really love books.

3. I really like to listen to the radio.

4. I really like to do "word searches" or crossword puzzles.

5. I really like language arts and social studies in school.

6. I really like to do experiments.

7. I really like math.

8. I really like science.

9. I am good at making and figuring out patterns.

10. I often wonder about how things work.

11. I really like music.

12. People tell me that I sing well.

13. I would be very sad if there was no music in the world.

14. I know a lot of songs by heart.

15. I sing songs I've heard on TV to myself as I'm going somewhere.

16. I am good at doing puzzles.

17. I am good at reading maps.

18. I hardly ever get lost or mixed up where I am going.

19. I can pretend I am in the sky looking down on my house and know where everything is.

20. I am good at drawing or making things with clay.

21. I am good at sports.

22. I really like to dance.

23. I like to be outside a lot.

24. I am good at learning new sports or dances.

25. I can figure out how something works or how to fix something that's broken by myself.

26. I feel sad when others are feeling sad.

27. I feel happy when I am with others that are feeling happy.

28. I like playing games with a group of people better than just one other person.

29. I have more than three good friends.

30. I really like being in the middle of a crowd.

31. I really like to spend time alone to think by myself.

32. I think a lot about the future and what I want to do when I grow up.

33. I know right away when I am feeling "stressed out" and I spend time alone to feel better.

34. I keep a diary or journal and write down my feelings.

35. Most of the time I'd rather stay home than go out somewhere with a lot of people.

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