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Quickly read the following statements and check each statement that applies to you.

1. I easily remember memorable quotes or "sayings" and use them well in my conversation with others.

2. My library of books is among my most precious possessions.

3. I can hear words in my head before I read, speak, or write them down.

4. I get more out of listening to news on the radio and hearing books on cassette than I do from watching TV.

5. I am a master when it comes to word games like Scrabble, or Password.

6. I enjoy entertaining others with tongue twisters, nonsense, rhymes or puns.

7. Other people sometimes have to stop and ask me to explain the meaning of words I use in my writing and speaking.

8. English, social studies, and history are easier for me in school that math and science.

9. When I am traveling down a highway, I pay more attention to the words written on billboards than to the scenery.

10. I have written something recently that I was particularly proud of or that earned me special recognition by others.

11. I note other people's errors in using words or grammar, even if I don't correct them.

12. I am fascinated by scientific and philosophical questions like "When did time begin?"

13. I can easily double or triple a measurement, formula or recipe without having to put it all down on paper.

14. Math and science are among my favorite subjects in school.

15. I frequently beat my friends in chess, checkers, Go, or other strategy games.

16. I like to set up little "what if experiments (e.g., what would happen if I double the amount of plant food that I feed to my plants at home?)

17. People sometimes tell me that I have a very computer-like mind.

18. I organize things in my bedroom, study, and at my desk according to categories and in patterns.

19. I believe that almost everything has a rational explanation.

20. I wonder a lot about how certain things work.

21. I like finding logical flaws in the things that people say and do at home and work.

22. I feel more comfortable when something has been measured, categorized, analyzed or quantified.

23. I enjoy music and have favorite performers.

24. People say that I have a pleasant singing voice.

25. I can tell when a musical note is off-key.

26. My collection of cassettes and compact discs is among my most treasured possessions.

27. I play a musical instrument.

28. I catch myself sometimes walking down the street with a television jingle or other tune running obsessively through my mind.

29. I can easily keep time to a piece of music with a simple percussion instrument.

30. I know the tunes to many different songs or musical pieces.

31. If I hear a musical selection once or twice, I am usually able to sing it back fairly accurately.

32. I often make tapping sounds or sing melodies while working, studying, or learning something new.

33. I sometimes enjoy different sounds in my environment.

34. I can remember in detail the layout and landmarks of places I've visited on vacations.

35. I often see clear visual images when I close my eyes.

36. I am usually sensitive to color.

37. I have a camera or camcorder that I use to record what I see around me.

38. I can easily solve jigsaw puzzles, mazes and other visual puzzles.

39. I sometimes have vivid dreams at night.

40. I can easily find my way around unfamiliar territory.

41. People praise me for the drawings or doodles I create.

42. Geometry is easier for me than algebra in school.

43. I can comfortably imagine how something might appear is it were looked down upon from directly above in a birds eye view.

44. I prefer looking at reading material that is heavily illustrated.

45. I regularly engage in at least one sport or physical activity.

46. I can master new sports easily.

47. I find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time.

48. I like working with my hands at some concrete activity such as sewing, weaving, carving, carpentry, or model-building.

49. My best ideas often come to me when I'm out for a long walk or jog.

50. I like to spend my free time outdoors.

51. I frequently use hand gestures or other forms of body language when conversing with someone.

52. I need to touch things in order to learn more about them.

53. I enjoy scary movies, dare devil amusement rides, or similarly thrilling experiences.

54. I need to practice a new skill by doing it rather than simply reading about it or seeing a video that describes it.

55. I often can figure out how something works or how to fix something that's broken, without asking for help.

56. When I meet new people, I often make connections between their characteristics and those of other acquaintances.

57. I'm considered the local Dear Abby in my neighborhood and people often come to see me for help and advice.

58. I can sense quickly how other people are feeling about things and themselves.

59. I prefer group sports like badminton, volleyball, or softball to solo sports such as swimming and jogging.

60. When I have a problem, I'm more likely to seek out another person for help rather than attempt to work it out on my own.

61. I have at least three close friends.

62. I prefer social pastimes like Monopoly or other group games to individual recreations such as video games or solitaire.

63. I enjoy the challenge of teaching another person what I know how to do.

64. I feel comfortable in the middle of a crowd.

65. I like to get involved in social activities connected with my school, church, or community.

66. I would rather spend my evenings at a lively party than at home alone.

67. I regularly spend time alone to meditate, reflect, or think about important life questions.

68. I think about what I want from life and what I want to accomplish when I am grown up.

69. I have some important goals for myself that I think about on a regular basis.

70. I have intuitions about things that turn out to be true.

71. People tend to see me as a loner.

72. I have a special hobby or interest that I keep pretty much to myself.

73. I prefer to spend a weekend alone in a cabin in the woods rather than go to a fancy resort with lots of people around.

74. I have participated in groups or counseling sessions to learn more about myself.

75. I usually know how I feel about something or about my feelings.

76. I keep a personal diary or journal to record the events of my inner life.

77. Someday I would like to start my own business.

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